How to Get 1 TB of OneDrive Storage & Office 365?

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1 TB OneDrive Storage and Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft intend to seriously chop off the free OneDrive cloud storage space – a decision which users will not be delighted with. They had also promised unlimited OneDrive storage to the users of Office 365, but now they are going back on their word. Instead, Office 365 users will be offered only 1 TB storage space.

And yet, if you were given additional storage with the Office 365 promotion, this will not be lost. You will be allowed to continue using it for another year. I’d also like to present to you two more compensation offers worth considering. You will see the details below.

Microsoft Office Offers Table

As you can see from the price list, these fees may not be universally affordable. It is our pleasure to offer you amazing discounts if you purchase your Microsoft license from us! Yes, it is true and entirely possible if you simply choose to trust us!  Our offer is $19.99 for a lifetime license! And here come yet more surprises! This is a household plan! Which means the license can be used on 5 more PCs! In this way you can share payments with your family or friends, or university colleagues.  Doesn’t that call for a “Wow”? Each and every word is true – if you wish, you can read the reviews our customers left  below the product offer. We are not playing pranks – many users have benefited from this bargain so far. They are completely satisfied and they keep recommending us! Please make yourself familiar with the general conditions before purchasing this product from MyPremiumStore (These can be found in the product description.) Should you have queries about Microsoft Office License, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Now we’d like to lay out all the benefits you will be entitled to by purchasing this convenient product.  For a price that is more than reasonable,  your everyday tasks will take far less effort to complete. Take a deep breath and read on, this is no joke!

You can access your files at any time, from any place

OneDrive for Business which comes with Microsoft Office 365 guarantees file access within the cloud. This does not require you to log in through one specific device only. Unless your IT team configured it otherwise, you do not even have to be in your office, or logged into your office network.  This option can make your out-of-office activities , your business trips or your commuting far more productive.

You can co-edit your documents

OneDrive for business offers a co-authoring feature. Documents on Word, Excel and other applications can be edited by several users simultaneously using OneDrive. The editing will be visible in real time and all alterations will be indicated in colour. In this way, a whole team can see the version you/ they are working on and make suggestions. You save yourselves the frustration of e-mailing different versions to and fro and the confusion this would cause.

This OneDrive co-authoring feature has version control for protection. Everybody makes mistakes. So if a colleague inadvertently deletes something important, you can go back to a previous version. The same can be done if there is no agreement on the latest changes made, for example. In this case version control simply restores the file to what it was before.


You get interface that is really user-friendly

If you are already a user of the OneDrive personal edition, there will be almost nothing new for you to learn. If you are not familiar with OneDrive, but are a Windows user, you will manage almost intuitively. The Windows file manager follows the same logic. There will be a list of files and folders and you will be able to view your personal or shared documents quite easily.

 A variety of options in document sharing

OneDrive for Business allows you to share your files in several ways. Depending on the situation and confidentiality requirements, there are a number of additional options.

One way to share a file is by creating a link. A direct link makes the document accessible to both insiders and external users.

If you prefer, there is a setting that requires a sign-in to make a certain file visible. This option makes sure that only internal users will see the information. If you wish to limit the time for which an outsider will be able to view your document, you can set an expiration date. When the specified day/time is past, the link gets disabled automatically.

You can set your shared files to read-only to prevent anyone from making changes. Or you can keep them open for editing.

If you right-click on a given file/ folder, you will see a context menu. This also offers sharing options. You can permit certain colleagues to view or edit your file. You can also send them a message. You can share the file with external users by means of their e-mails. This is the preferable sharing method if your addressees are hopelessly scattered within your company.

 You can synchronize your files locally

This is necessary when you have no connection to the Internet. You can work on your documents on OneDrive wherever you are if the connection is all right. But the sync feature is a kind of insurance if the net is not available. A copy of your folders and files gets saved locally on your own computer. You can keep working, even if you are online. When the Internet connection is restored, the changes you made are uploaded into the OneDrive cloud, and external additions are downloaded.

You get adequate protection

Quite often business organizations deal with information which is highly sensitive. Mistakes can always be made, or lapses in concentration may endanger your plans and projects. OneDrive includes some effective protection features to keep that risk to a minimum.

When you transmit your files, you can encrypt them on disk level or on file level. Your IT team may control file access. They could allow certain documents to be seen by certain employees only. External sharing can get disabled, or there can be a block on devices which are not joined into your domain.

OneDrive for business is not a simple cloud storage facility. It is user-friendly, it ensures collaboration and adequate protection. It makes your office or out-of-office hours much more productive. OneDrive is deeply integrated with Microsoft Office 365, which is yet another great benefit.

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