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Udemy’s slogan tells us that human knowledge has no limits, and no barriers should baffle our minds’ progress.

Udemy is a platform for learning. It operates online, connecting students and instructors. The teachers create and upload courses, and the students make their choice and enroll. The courses offered on Udemy cover a vast variety of topics and skills. You can acquire professional skills there or you can take up a hobby. A great deal of the courses charge no fee. The rest are paid, but reasonably and affordably priced. There is no limit to the number of courses a student can take.


On Udemy you can enroll in a course or you can create one. This is the platform that will connect you to an audience if you’d like to share a skill or hobby. The teaching is done through video materials, discussion sessions and forums, and the assessment is also online-based.

Whether you are a student, job-seeker or an expert in some field, read through this overview to become aware of Udemy’s opportunities. This might be your chance to earn some side income, improve the skills that your job requires, or see little secrets to make your hobby envied!

Udemy – what exactly is this?

Udemy started out in 2010. It is basically an online marketplace. It offers courses, which cover a huge variety of topics – from Ancient history through Physics to knitting. According to latest data, the current number of courses is about 55 000. The students are at least 15 million worldwide, and there are more than 20 thousand instructors.

The courses are offered in more than 80 languages. The platform can be accessed from any digital device with an internet connection. The users can do the courses in their own, convenient time.

If you are an instructor, creating and marketing content, you’ll need to meet some requirements for quality and in-depth familiarity with your subject. As long as these are fulfilled, anyone can be an instructor.

There is also a section called Udemy for Business. It is aimed at companies wishing to train their employees for a specific job or skill.

Udemy helps you earn additional income, become more competitive by acquiring professional expertise, or get personal satisfaction out of a new clever trick in your hobby.

What is the choice of courses on Udemy?

The main categories are 15. As we already mentioned, the subjects cover the professional, educational and the personal development spheres. The most popular courses are in languages, IT, coding, photography and preparation for tests.

Some of the courses are very short. They will take only a couple of hours to complete. Other courses will span over days and involve revision and grading after each lecture. Sometimes the content is presented through specific tasks or quizzes, or the teaching can be done entirely in audio or video format.

If you are hesitating about the choice of course, the reviews can help you. These are comments written by the students after they complete a course. The reviews will help you find out which courses were successful and which were a failure. After you complete your course, you receive a document called a Certificate of Completion. It looks like this sample.

Certificates by Udemy

How to proceed – step by step

First, you need to create a Udemy account. The sign-up form is simple  and short. It asks you to fill in your full name, your e-mail and an Udemy password. But even before you sign up, the courses on offer will be visible to you. The account is necessary if you want to enroll.


After you sign up, you have full access to all the courses offered. You can browse, read reviews and select. The home page usually lists the top courses in each category. The 15 categories can be seen on the left, under “Browse”.



When you make your choice, you can start the course right away or you will have to enter credit card details if it demands a fee.

The selected courses will be visible in your account. When you are through with them, you can transfer them to your own archives. The archives are accessible for you ever after. 

The number of allowed courses to take is unlimited, and once you have paid for a course, the materials in it will be yours forever. But you are expected to leave your comment after the course. This comment, or review, will help prospective students just like it helped you in your choice.

Classes for professional skills training remain the most popular. What these offer can give you an edge in the competitive job market. For example, additional graphic design or coding skills might be worth paying for.

Fees on Udemy

The free-of –charge courses on offer are about a third of the total number. Of the rest, the most expensive courses cost 200 dollars. There are real bargains at 20 dollars or 10-15 euro. You should not expect that technically or IT-oriented courses will be free or low-cost. Self-development ones usually are.

You can pay through Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

Expected benefits

You should bear in mind that Udemy is not accredited. The certificate it issues is not recognized as a legal confirmation of your acquired knowledge. What you select and pay for is basically aimed at improving skills and not at documented qualifications.

Nevertheless, with careful selection there is always something to derive from the content offered. Reading the reviews is a useful guideline before you decide to set aside time and money for a course. After all, additional programming skills are always in demand.  Just  identify what you need to catch up on and look for the right instructor on the platform. Or a free course on a favourite hobby can bring enjoyable moments. it is worth it if you are dedicated.

How far is it worth it?

Carefully selected free-of-charge courses will always be worth it, of course.  You pay nothing and you basically use the reviews to make sure you won’t be wasting your time, either.

When it comes to paid content, bear in mind that learning at home, in your own time, requires self-discipline in the first place. You will need to concentrate, take in the lecture/ presentation and there will be assignments to work on. This way of learning is perfect if you have the time and if you enjoy working alone in front of your computer.


Again, we need to point out that the Udemy certificate is not recognized. You will have to find another way to convince a potential employer that you have the expertise. But the expertise is guaranteed as long as you select carefully and work conscientiously.

Hesitating whether to become a Udemy instructor?

The audience is huge, for sure. As an instructor, you could share a clever knack with people with similar interests. Or you could help others in their professional lives, earn some income and assert your own brand. Whatever your purpose, online teaching is specific in some ways.

First of all, do not expect much income. You can never be sure how many people will enroll, and the fees are quite low anyway. Rely on Udemy as a source of additional earnings. You will not be able to support yourself financially entirely from Udemy teaching.

Secondly, be aware that you are mainly expected to prepare the content and upload it. The content needs to follow a curriculum and it has to meet certain Udemy quality standards. From then on, the interaction with your students may not be very lively and you should not expect it to be.

To be financially successful as a Udemy instructor, it helps when you know how to promote yourself. If you are aware of the importance of metrics and are inventive in enhancing their readings, then you are a capable business person. If website analytics do not matter too much for you, you might find that you are not very popular. This online teaching model might not be really satisfying for you.

Udemy opens up possibilities

This platform was created by a Turkish citizen, named Eren Bali. He had to put up with a school that actually consisted of one room in native Turkey. But he had a good head for Mathematics and he did not let anything stop him. He used online materials to learn Maths and even came second at an international Olympiad in Maths.

Bali became convinced that everybody deserves accessible knowledge, whatever their social background or place of residence may be. He strove to see it happen. He created his platform as the virtual meeting place for those who offer and seek knowledge. Udemy is now as global as its founder wanted it to be. It is the place for self-improvement, exam preparation, additional income or further qualification.

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